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behindgrey_eyes wrote in cminds_ratings
1. Name: Louisa
2. Age: 25
3. Gender: Female

4. Three Words to Describe You: Passionate, Loyal, Lazy.
5. Strengths: I am extremely loyal. Not to a lot of people, but if I'm your friend, I'm there for life. When I set my mind to something I can be very determined and relentless. I like to think I'm quite intelligent, even if most of the information I retain is pretty useless. I'm quite logical. I think a lot of people see me as disorganised but I really thrive on thinking ahead and working out a plan for the tiniest of things.
6. Weaknesses: Very easily obsessed and sometimes easily angered. I can be incredibly lazy when the notion takes me. My motivation is often knocked. I'm often cynical and sarcastic. I'm not the tidiest person but I hate the thought of someone else sorting my room, I like things just so in my own chaotic way.
7. Fears: Death [mostly of my loved ones], tight spaces [which sometimes stretches to being crushed in a crowd] Spiders, sometimes the dark or more what I imagine to be in it.
8. Pet Peeves: Onions, rude customers :p, ignorance, people who are famous for nothing of any use.

Pick Your Poison
9. What would be your weapon of choice? I couldn't handle them IRL, but knives for sure.
10. What could be your motivation for killing someone? Because my mind told me so. I'd probably have been someone who was relatively sane my whole life and then I just snapped. I'd probably be a delusional type killer, not totally aware of what I'm doing. Though I reckon I'd probably get some sort of release from it. I'd have to have some sort of souvenir, whether it be photos or a possession from the scene.
11. How would you want to go out if you were caught by the police? I'd love to go to jail and become a nice case study type killer :p
12. What would be the method you’d use to contact/tease the BAU, if you did? I don't know if I would contact them. I'd probably be so absorbed in my delusions that I really wouldn't be aware of them until later on as I realised what I was up to. I reckon the sane part of me would try to reach out eventually, almost asking them to help me or stop me.
13. Would you show remorse for your actions? It would depend on whether my psychotic break or what have you comes to an end. The 'sane' part of me would show remorse eventually, maybe try and help or find redemption in someway towards the end.

Which one? Explain each choice.
14. Leader or Follower:
15. Optimistic or Pessimistic:
16. Outgoing or Shy:
17. Freewill or Fate:
18. Impulsive or Cautious:
19. Social or Anti-Social:

Votes or vote should I say XD

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Oh, absolutely - I'd meant to vote earlier, and Jonny McHale was my first and strongest thought - a bit easily irritated and dry but passionate and loyal, a bit disorganized and at-one's-own-pace seem in line with his profession, and he was definitely a good person who simply "snapped". Your description of the sort of attitude that'd surround your crimes brought him to mind overall.

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