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scytheweasel wrote in cminds_ratings

1. Name: Blue
2. Age: Seventeen
3. Gender:

4. Three Words to Describe You: Reserved, intelligent/analytical, devoted.
5. Strengths: I'm right-brained and very intelligent, able to think complex things through, solve puzzles, and get very creative. Intense and endless loyalty and trustworthiness to those I think deserve it, willingness to keep secrets, giving things my all when they matter to me, willingness to stick up for myself and anyone I like or anything I feel strongly about, I'm socially reserved, and I have a sort of allure or charisma among certain kinds of people (I didn't make any of my friends myself, they came to me, and my mother and a couple of friends insist that I'm an egg/M&M/insert metaphor here - for all my ambiguous exterior, they say I'm quite charming and genial around people I warm up to and a marshmallow towards those I luuuv).
6. Weaknesses: I can come off as difficult to approach, lack of an attention span and need to keep myself occupied in some way (even if that way is just daydreaming at the expense of knowing what the heck everyone nearby is doing), moodiness/sensitivity, stubbornness and being fiercely opinionated, cynicism, tendencies to creep people who aren't strangely drawn to me out or intimidate them, inability to get or stay motivated on things that don't interest me, that I get way too into things that do interest me, tendencies to focus more on details than things as a whole, overall times I get a bit obsessive, being easily flustered, cockiness, on the other side of the coin inability to look forward to things as a defense mechanism from being let down (I don't so much as take compliments unless I think on them for an unnecessary amount of time until I'm sure they really are compliments, sometimes the existence of sarcasm can make insecurities worse XP), being impossible for people who don't know me through and through to read or know what to make of, whenever I'm not being plain "reserved" I'm told I'm seriously reclusive, that I'm far too brutally honest when I'm not being too secretive, I can either be much too literal or much too overanalytical, harsh perfectionism, either being ridiculously self-depricating on stupid little things or evading that they ever happened, impatience, nervous habits, spite and holding grudges, blowing things out of proportion, guilting myself, dwelling on things, paranoia, refusal to socialize, cracking under intense pressure, that I can't stand having my bubble invaded, an inability to trust, that I probably won't ever give it back if it's broken no matter what the circumstances or intentions are before or after... To name a few.
7. Fears: I am afraid of... losing/mangling my hands, dismemberment and disfiguration, loss of venal blood, restrictive limits physical and otherwise and especially an idea of being "trapped in myself", however much sense that makes, nihilism, maggots, complete failure, time, and being an unreliable older sibling and friend. Probably an interesting knot of things to list together. XD
8. Pet Peeves: Harsh light, noise pollution, unsubtle flung-around sarcasm (along "Oh yeah, you're sooooooo smart, man, like, a genius" lines), wind, interruption, being misheard or simply not heard (apparently I have a little of a small voice), scrambled order, argument by repetition ("Will you do it? I think you should..." "I don't know..." "I think you should!"), cause to rush, stalling.

Pick Your Poison
9. What would be your weapon of choice? I think that if I was a violent criminal, I'd employ fire or explosives - thorough, favoring focus on details, possibly disposing of evidence itself, and such. If I were to actually use a weapon, perhaps a simple old knife?
10. What could be your motivation for killing someone? Possibly "JJJJJUSTICE!" or something I similarly took as grievous offense, frenzied retaliation to something horrible inflicted on someone I cared about, or feeling for whatever reason that I "have to" do it - it would probably be a knife-murderer-self with one of the latter two motives and an arsonist/bomber-self with one of the former two,
11. How would you want to go out if you were caught by the police? I once jokingly mused on what sort of unsub I could guest-appear as and thought that with my looks, I'd probably injure myself or get myself attacked/counterattacked prior to the team's catching up with me and finally drift off as There Is A Light That Never Goes Out by the Smiths rises in the background. XD That or I'd expect the B.A.U. would take me by surprise and haul me off either seething or catatonic over what silly mistake I must have made to make it so easy in between mumbling either apologies or "B-but I'm not done"s, depending on how my crimes and my level of stability were presented by then.
12. What would be the method you’d use to contact/teas the BAU, if you did? Written or drawn clues at the crime scene, I imagine, though that's probably a simple answer.
13. Would you show remorse for your actions? To some level, I think, even if I did think for whatever reason that I was justified, during or after.

Which one? Explain each choice.
14. Leader or Follower: I really prefer working alone, partly because I'm finicky and feel the need to have everything done a certain way and would rather monitor the way everything is going. I probably could work comfortably in a team of people I already trusted enough to assume we're all on the same wavelength or knew how everything would fit together with. I also used to tell myself I wasn't particularly heirarchal, but that's probably not really the case - it's more that my brain tends to place people I dislike/distrust below me, people I admire above me, people I like/trust as equals, and set authority figures as disregarded if I don't like the way they're doing things. Everything really depends on context/details - if I think I have any right to or just don't trust/lack patience for anyone else's judgement but my own in a formal group setting, I'll try to take responsibility, but I'm more inclined to follow people I really, really like and/or really, really trust.
15. Optimistic or Pessimistic: Paranoia and cynicism where the unfamiliar is concerned lend to pessimism. I'm told I'm "up in my head", and it probably already comes across a tad by now that I have a negative bent, I can be moody/sensitive and paranoid, and I tend towards melancholy, but try to avoid getting sucked down into depressiveness. If I'm particularly upset, if I listen to an appropriately depressing song or the like, it's intended as catharsis, not stewing, and I'll probably look for things to make me happy.
16. Outgoing or Shy: I definitely think having time to myself is relaxing and to an extent freeing, and I'm also definitely initially quiet. I can come off as either shy or aloof depending on my mood and a little hard to approach or read, and I'm too socially awkward and thanks to the perfectionism afraid of embarrassment to be particularly outgoing.
17. Freewill or Fate: I'd rather refer to luck than fate, but either way, free will.
18. Impulsive or Cautious: I'm generally premeditative, though I can have my impulsive moments if spurred to it orrr just bored.
19. Social or Anti-Social: I really like privacy and time to myself on the me-side of it and on the others-side tend to feel intimidated or challenged by complete strangers and annoyed and a little smothered by large groups or crowded places, and I'm secretive, even towards people I'm close to depending on what I'm hiding - I'd really just rather not make some things their problem.


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Your mentions of both fire and knives made me think of Connor O'Brien [Public Enemy, Season 5]. Your motivation [frenzied retaliation to something horrible inflicted on someone I cared about] fits him too because he's sort of mission based as he's trying to get to his father who killed his mother in a fire that was set deliberately. He also work's alone and is 'not done' once the BAU catch up to him.

I agree with behindgrey_eyes! Your apps points to serial arsonist, and of the few that's shown up in Criminal Minds, only Connor O'Brien fits, imo.

I'm very new to the show, so apologies I can't probably give you the most in-depth vote. I'm only at the very beginning of season one myself, and so far there hasn't been an UnSub that'd really remind me of you, so I looked up the UnSubs from later seasons, and I have to say the votes for Connor O'Brien do seem to be quite accurate. Your motivations and answer to the optimistic/pessimistic question in particular seem to fit him quite well.

Edited to add because, HEY I have the worst memory ever and I totally forgot about her character despite only watching the episode she was in today, but Clara Hayes would also fit you quite nicely; you'd prefer fire as your weapon, I really prefer working alone, partly because I'm finicky and feel the need to have everything done a certain way and would rather monitor the way everything is going really made me think of her because of her OCD, and you also stated you would do your criminal deeds because of "justice", which I see fitting because she probably felt her actions were justified, since she was doing God's work and all. But since this comm doesn't allow double-voting, and since it seems to be a bit inactive at the moment me voting for her doesn't really help you to get stamped, I guess I'm sticking with the Connor vote.

Edited at 2012-03-26 03:47 pm (UTC)

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