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Nobody's ever got that reference before
ruri_swiftwind wrote in cminds_ratings
<b>1. Name:</b> Piper
<b>2. Age:</b> 20
<b>3. Gender:</b> Female
<b>4. Do you care if you're stamped as a guy or a girl?</b> Nope ^_^

<b>5. Three Words to Describe You:</b> Curious, Adventurous, Nerdy.
<b>6. Strengths:</b> I have an indomitable desire to learn anything and everything that I can, and the ability to do so. (Though sometimes I lack the motivation to hunt down the needed materials. Horray for procrastination.) I love a good challenge. I'm also good at solving conflict as long as I'm not directly involved. Also as long as it doesn't involve swimming or getting in a plane I'll try anything at least once.
<b>7. Weaknesses:</b> I'm a horrible procrastinator. I can become a bit volatile if someone enters my personal space uninvited. I don't do well in large groups. (More than 5-9 people is just too many.)
<b>8. Dreams:</b> I'm going to assume this means dreams for the future. In that case I plan on finishing college and getting a degree in Psychology. Since I started watching CM I've developed a rather unrealistic dream of joining the FBI as well. I've done quite a bit of research and it would be possible, but it's going to take every ounce of dedication I've got.
<b>9. Fears:</b> Water that's too deep to walk through, being over 20 ft in the air, and clowns.
<b>10. Talents:</b> I paint, draw, write ect. I don't really consider myself talented per-say but don't tell my sister she'd smack me for that one. :)
<b>11. Hobbies:</b> Artsy stuff, writing fan fics, stumbling, pretty much if it looks like fun I try it and if I enjoy it I continue to play with it until it bores me.
<b>12. Likes:</b> Books, Italian food, video games, puzzles and road tripping.
<b>13. Dislikes:</b> Stupid people. To clarify, I consider a "stupid" person someone who chooses to be ignorant of the world around them. They have the ability and the opportunity to expand their horizons but choose not to for some reason or another. I have no problem with ignorance in it's self but people who just don't want to learn irritate me to no end.

<b>14. Color? Why?:</b> It really just depends on how I feel that day. At the moment it's green because I'm sick of all this white.
<b>15. Animal? Why?:</b> Lemurs! They have such adorable giant eyes.
<b>16. Quote? Why?:</b> "We don't read and write poetry because it's cute, we read and write poetry because we are members of the human race, and the human race is filled with passion." ~Professer Keating, Dead Poets Society~
<b>17. Music? Why?:</b> I listen to just about anything but polka and mariachi bands. Again, like the colour thing, it really just depends on how I'm feeling. I have everything from Infected Mushroom to Dream Theater to Sublime and much more in my collection.
<b>18. Season (Fall, Spring, Winter, Summer)? Why?:</b> Definitely fall. Mostly because it seems to be the least harmful to my allergies and because the russets and golds in the trees against the grey cloudy sky are simply the most beautiful colour contrast I've come across so far.
<b>19. Criminal Minds character? Why?:</b> It's a tie between Garcia and Reid, simply because if they were RL people they would be they type I'd be friends with. I like to surround myself with people who are super intelligent because then I have the opportunity to learn from them. It provides me with a challenge.
<b>20. Least favorite Criminal Minds character? Why?:</b> Gideon because he left. >:(

<b>Which one? Explain each choice.</b>
<b>21. Mature or Immature:</b> Mature with just an inkling of immaturity to keep things fresh. Makes it easier to deal with the ups and downs of life.
<b>22. Leader or Follower:</b> If I feel like I'm capable in the situation then leader. If not I follow and observe.
<b>23. Optimistic or Pessimistic:</b> I've learned recently that all pessimism gives me is a migraine and the intense need for a cigarette.
<b>24. Outgoing or Shy:</b> I'm really a mix of both it just depends on who I'm with and how many people are around. If I'm around a lot of people I don't know I tend to be a bit shy and reserved because when I talk my brain has a tendency to run away with my mouth and then I get all kinds of strange looks.
<b>25. Freewill or Fate:</b> Fate. I'd like to think that we have freewill, but Fate always seems to kick me in the pants to remind me she's there.

<b>26. Impulsive or Cautious:</b>Impulsive. If I get too excited about something I tend to be on the impulsive side but I try to be as cautious as possible when it counts.
<b>27. Social or Anti-Social:</b>Social as long as there is at least one person around that knows me.
<b>28. Calm or Hyper:</b>Hyper. I get riled up easily and when I'm set on something I have a lot of energy.
<b>29. Family or Friends:</b>Friends. My friends are my family. I didn't have a great home life as a kid so the friends that stuck by me through all the shit-storms eventually became my new family.
<b>30. Activity or Quiet:</b>Activity. If it's too quiet for too long I get antsy.
<b>31. Justice or Compassion:</b>Compassion because sometimes people do the wrong things for the right reasons and they deserve a second chance.
<b>32. Would you want to be in the BAU in RL?</b> Of course! What could be more fun than tracking down pedos and serial killers and proving to them that they aren't as smart as they seem to think?

<b>33. Description or Picture:</b>I'm 6ft tall, with mahogany brown hair, greenish-grey eyes, and I'm sort of curvy I guess but my arms and legs are just a bit to long for the rest of me I think. I also wear glasses with thick black rectangular frames at the moment. Yeah I know what you're thinking but I really do wear them because I always bend wire frame ones when I fall asleep in them. :P
<b>34. Anything else:</b></lj-cut>I'm a people watcher. Be it creepy or not I enjoy it. Seeing how people interact and trying to guess about who they are and what they do is one of my favorite ways to waste time when I don't have access to my usual entertainment.

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Gideon I think, that's the strongest vibe I got from you darlin'. ^_^

Gideon with a dash of Reid. :)

I do see some Gideon, but I think more Reid :)

I think that Reid is a bit to "logic" oriented for you and yet Garcia might be a bit too eccentric. Maybe Gideon is the best choice for you; he's got a heart that is so big and yet he's so interesting and intelligent. I think he fits you best. ^_^

Congrats! You've been stamped as Jason Gideon!

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Please continue to vote on others~

And sorry this has taken so long!!

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